Instant family

Today I saw a movie that it got stuck in my head; it’s called “Instant family”.

The movie is about a married couple and their struggle to take care of three kids from a foster care center. Pete and Ellie were feeling like something was missing from their life and that’s when they decided to visit the center. At first they were a little insecure, but after hearing a speech from a girl that got adopted when she was a teenager, they were so touched. In fact, everyone was touched by her speech. Couples want to adopt babies or little kids mostly, and it’s not very common to adopt teenagers because they are so problematic, and most of them are hard to get with. But Pete and Ellie saw a young teenage girl, Lizzie, who caught their attention with her personality. What they didn’t know it was that she had two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, Lita and Juan. Despite this, they decided to take care of them, they decided to become their foster parents. The struggles were real, especially with Lizzie, because she wanted back her mother that was in jail, a drug addict.

‘Instant family’ is all about the love and care that Pete and Ellie give to the children, the daily problems that they have, how they learn to become parents. Until the court room made the decision, it was a long and hard journey, and they grew very fond of each other, they loved each other and learned to be a family, even though not related by blood.

This movie is about all those couples who aren’t sure about adopting. You should all be open to it, because everyone deserves to have a family, no matter how old, what race, nationality and color they are. We all deserve kindness, love, happiness and the opportunity to have a family. The journey is not gonna be easy for sure, but no doubts, it’s gonna be unforgettable and you’ll inspire everyone else to do the right choice.

If you’re in a mood for a drama-comedy movie, you must see it. Maybe it’s not the best movie I’ve seen, but it has important life lessons.

Till next post, love, IT’S NOT LUCK.


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